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Mathematics Department
Dr. Douglas Brown
Division Dean
Alex Cotter, Department Chair
Aisha Arroyo
Alex Cotter
Ken Demers
Jane DeVoe
Alexander Frye
Aziza Hina
Jack Keating
Sheila O'Heir-Coelho
Marianne Rosato
Richard Shevory
Andrea Torres
Adjunct Faculty
Linda Amaral-Kelly
Michael Arria
Autumn Alden
Daniel Bacon
Sally Barney
Michelle (Garren) Beans
Cecelia Byron
William Carnes
Michael Cerbarano
Catherine Chaffin
Michelle Chrisman
Joseph Cleary
Ann-Marie Costa
Daniel Cox
Lawrence Dean
Ronald DiBona
Paul DiNolo
Margaret Doherty
Erika Dunbury
Vincente Durante
Patricia Eddy
Bruce Feodoroff
Teresa Fernandes
Harry Ferrell-Locke
Eric Fuerschbach
Mary George
Kathleen Gervais
John Gomes
Ali Hina
Jamie Lee Hoxie
Gerald Janey
Alina Karki
Kenneth Ketler
Valerie Kilduff
Daniel Kimborowicz
Janet Krol
Nicholas Krot
Karla Kull
Armando Landeros
George Lee
Richard Little
Glenn Machado
Herb Marin
Warren Mekjian
David Miley
Dana Miller
Jose Monteiro
Alison (Cleary) Moyer
David Niles
Barbara O'Loughlin
Paul Plonowski
Donald Ryan
Susan Savill
Dolores Shea
Ryan Shea
Kerryn Snyder
Claudia Soares
Katherine Soderbom
Margaret Stevenson
Seheli Sultana
Mary Sundstrom
Sally Sundstrom
Carole Taylor
Jean-Marie Trocher
Thomas Turner
Carol Vecchi
Robert Yellen
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Mission Statement
The Mathematics Department is focused on helping students to fulfill their potential and build better lives.  We believe in putting students first in all that we do.  Our approach to teaching mathematics is to promote active learning and student responsibility.  We believe that high expectations and standards are critical to the mastery of course outcomes and to the long term academic success of our students.  We support experimentation in the classroom and encourage teaching through alternative modalities.  We believe in using data to improve student success and to guide departmental decision-making.

Students at Massasoit enroll in mathematics courses for a variety of reasons. Some are taking courses as a part of general education requirements for programs at Massasoit or at four-year institutions. The College does not offer graduation credit for Fundamentals of Mathematics, Introductory Algebra, and Intermediate Algebra in any program. To ensure a particular mathematics course would be appropriate in a particular program, one should talk with the director of that program and/or a mathematics professor.

Who Should Be Taking Which Mathematics Course

The Mathematics Department offers courses that range from a review of arithmetic through Calculus.
The department also offers a variety of specialty courses.  If you would like to download a flow chart of mathematics courses showing prerequisites for each and general guidelines regarding transferability for each course, click here.

Course Descriptions & Outcomes

We have put up course descriptions and outcomes on this site. Course outcomes are a matrix of what we expect a student learn.

Mathematics Placement Test

There is a Mathematics Placement Test, Accuplacer, that all matriculating students must take to be properly placed in a mathematics course. We have on-line a study guide, the Study Guide for Accuplacer. (PDF)
For more information visit the Office of Testing and Assessment.

Academic Resource Center (also known as The ARC)

The ARC offers tutoring in a variety of fields, including mathematics. For more information on the ARC, contact Kerryn Snyder, the Mathematics Coordinator of the ARC or visit the ARC website.


Several of the mathematics faculty belong to AMATYC and/or NEMATYC. These are mathematics organizations specifically for two-year college faculty. In fact several of the faculty are officers in these organizations.

Mathematics Team

Massasoit Community College sponsors a Mathematics Team which competes with other community college students in a written competition. For more information, contact Professor Aziza Hina, coordinator for the Mathematics Team. Here you will find some general information on the Mathematics Team.

Accommodations for Students

Students in need of classroom or testing accommodations are encouraged to contact Disability Services at the beginning of each semester. For the Brockton or Middleboro Campus, please contact Andrea Henry at extension 1805 or Julie McNeill-Kenerson at extension 1424. For Canton Campus, please contact Andrea or Julie at extension 2132.”

The Mathematics Department

We are a group of mathematicians who have varied interests in mathematics and many other fields with a consuming interest in helping students learn.

Technology & Mathematics

We have embraced the graphing calculator in particular and use them constantly in the Calculus sequence. Generally, we encourage students to use them in Statisitcs. If a student doesn't want to buy a graphing calculator, we offer them for rental. For College Algebra and Precalculus we use the TI-83 / TI-84. For the Calculus courses we use the TI-92 / TI-89 or TI-Voyage 200.

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