Criminal Justice

The Associate Degree program in Criminal Justice at Massasoit Community College includes both Day and Evening Programs. The Day Program attracts primarily pre-service students, many of whom are recent high school graduates. Motivations for seeking a degree in Criminal Justice are many. Most wish to prepare for a career in municipal and state policing or attain a position in one of twenty-one federal law enforcement agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Investigations, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, Drug Enforcement Administration, U.S. Customs Service, or U.S. Marshals Service. This program is Quinn Bill approved.

You may also review the MassTransfer Program if you are planning to transfer to a Massachusetts four-year college to see which colleges are in partnership with Massasoit Community College. 

The mission of the Massasoit Community College Criminal Justice Program is to serve the criminal justice and private security industry by preparing prospective practitioners for the challenges inherent in the maintenance of order in a democratic society.

To this end Massasoit Community College will endeavor to:

  • Provide an academic criminal justice program that will facilitate student development and growth to their full potential in all subject matters
  • Create an environment that will foster analytical, critical, and professional thinking
  • Instill the need to make decisions that lead to honest behavior, self-reliance and respect for all people
  • Enable students to be life long learners and agents of positive change within the public safety and private security industry

The Criminal Justice Program aims to effectively prepare our students for careers in criminal justice and transfer to baccalaureate institutions. 

This aim will be achieved by:

  • Developing competency based outcomes for all courses offered in the criminal justice curriculum
  • Selecting faculty who are professional, innovative, ethical, enthusiastic and dedicated to serving the diverse academic needs of community college students
  • Offering a diverse and challenging forum for the exchange of ideas and solutions for the equitable delivery of community services
  • Providing technical resources that will enhance learning and supplement pedagogy Graduates of the Criminal Justice Program at Massasoit Community College should know the composition and basic workings of the criminal justice system. Court operations, corrections, youth and social services and policing are part of this knowledge base. Students are expected to know the social issues associated to criminal justice, including the role alcohol, other drugs, race, ethnicity, class and gender play in day-to-day criminal justice operations. Students should emerge with a basic understanding of the theories associated with criminal and deviant behavior.

    The Criminal Justice Degree Program provides students with educational experiences that will produce academic and technical skills, commensurate with a liberal arts education. The program is also geared to make its students competitive in applying for entry-level criminal justice jobs and in applying to four-year colleges and universities.