Early College Veterinary Technology

Norfolk Aggie & Massasoit Community College

Early College Veterinary Tech at Massasoit

The Early College Veterinary Technology Program (ECVTP), a collaboration between Norfolk County Agricultural High School and Massasoit, allows motivated students in the Animal Science program at Norfolk Aggie to begin the Massasoit Veterinary Technology program the summer before their junior year.

Students accepted into the ECVTP take dual-enrollment courses during the academic year and during the summer, and are eligible at graduation to take performance assessments to earn credit towards the Veterinary Technology program at Massasoit based on the knowledge they’ve gained at Norfolk Aggie.

 Upon successful completion of the dual-enrollment classes and performance assessments, students will be automatically accepted into the Vet Tech program at Massasoit as second year students, making them eligible to earn an Associate in Applied Science degree in Veterinary Technology with only one additional year of study.


For more information, or questions about the program, please contact Silvia Coviello, Coordinator of the Veterinary Technology Program at 508-588-9100 x2380 or at scoviell1@massasoit.mass.edu

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Admissions Requirements
• Are a student in the Animal Science program at Norfolk Aggie
• Possess a current GPA of 3.0 or higher
• Have passed high school biology and chemistry with a C- or better
• Qualified to enroll in college-level math and English courses, as determined by ACCUPLACER
• Provide two letters of recommendation from individuals who can comment on student’s academic potential and/or compassion and empathy towards animals
• Provide a letter of interest from student explaining their motivation for applying and why they would make an ideal candidate
• Are able to meet technical standards for the program
• Student is in good standing (under 50 demerits)

Program Continuation
• Maintain a C- average, and no grade in the vet tech specific courses below a C-.
• Continued enrollment at Norfolk Aggie in good standing

Program Progression:
• Graduation from Norfolk Aggie in good standing
• Demonstration of competencies on written and performance assessments
• Rabies vaccination series completed before entrance into Massasoit courses