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STEM Starter

Dreaming about a well-paying job in a STEM field?
Get an edge on a high-demand career by enrolling in Massasoit’s free STEM Starter Academy!

What is the STEM Starter Academy?
The STEM Starter Academy is a FREE summer program for graduating seniors who plan to matriculate at Massasoit Community College. It promotes college readiness for students beginning studies in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) disciplines, as well as awareness of and interest in the many career opportunities a STEM education can provide.

Enrichment and Outcomes
The Academy provides hands-on activities, seminars, and field trips to develop key skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, and collaboration. Students also have the opportunity to conduct scientific research.

Accepted students begin their STEM education by taking their first required math course over the summer--for free! Math is an integral part of a STEM education, and can often be the biggest hindrance to college success. Regardless of previous math experience, our academy students get a head start on their college math requirements so they are better-prepared for STEM courses by the Fall semester.

Students who require developmental math courses can get them done quickly with our highly successful self-paced program. Those who come to the Academy already proficient in math may enroll in college-level math courses and begin accumulating college credit and advanced math fluency prior to their first year. No matter the level of math skills achieved over the summer, Academy students have a better understanding of what to expect in September -- and know what it takes to succeed.

STEM Starter Academy
STEM Starter Academy begins
Summer 2017

July 24 to August 25

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Career Exploration!
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College Readiness!

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What Happens Next?
When our students return to Massasoit in the fall, they are already familiar with the campus and have met many faculty members. Students will be invited to join the STEM Scholars group and remain part of the STEM program. The STEM Scholars group will continue to support our students with advising, mentoring, career exploration, and other engaging activities that help make their time at Massasoit both effective and rewarding. Upon finishing their studies, our students are uniquely prepared to either pursue either a career in a STEM field or successfully transfer to a four-year institution.