COVID-19 Updates
Most Massasoit activities are happening remotely, with very limited in-person activity. Plans for summer and fall are posted here.  Read More

Safety concerns all students, and one of the most alarming dangers young adults must face on college campuses is the risk of sexual assault. Here at Massasoit Community College, it is our first priority to take steps to minimize that risk and provide our students, faculty and staff with preventative measures that will work towards eliminating sexual violence at our campuses.

We are breaking the silence on our college campuses by having conversations about sexual violence and training students, faculty, and staff in how to respond to sexual assault. We will continue to strive towards a safe climate on all of our campuses and have zero tolerance for sexual harassment and sexual violence in any form, including verbal, written, physical, or visual harassment.

An important role of my of position as Chief Diversity Officer & Title IX Coordinator  is to monitor and oversee the College’s compliance with Title IX and related laws in the prevention of sexual harassment and discrimination, including administrating an investigative process that protects the safety of victims.

View the Policy on Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity & Diversity.

I invite and encourage you to give me the opportunity to work with you at Massasoit Community College to address sexual misconduct, which has impacted our college students nationwide.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding Massasoit Community College’s sexual misconduct policy, campus prevention and support resources, please email me at or call 508-588-9100 x1309.

Massasoit Community College is dedicated to provide support and services and given the impact of COVID-19, we want to link our students to the following resources:

Remember, you are not alone.

Yolanda Dennis
Chief Diversity Officer & Title IX Coordinator