COVID-19 Updates
The college is operating remotely, including offices and most classes; anyone scheduled to be on campus must complete a daily health screen. Read More

Access and Disability Resources has a variety of technologies designed to assist you in accessing your academic material. Please meet with a disability counselor to learn more about how assistive technology may be helpful to you and what assistive technology is available for use while testing.

  • Dragon Naturally Speaking
    • Voice recognition computer software that types as you talk. A great resource for students with dysgraphia, spelling, upper extremity injuries, upper extremity mobility challenges and/or typing issues. The more you use Dragon Naturally Speaking the more familiar it gets with your individual voice, vocabulary and speech. It does take practice for it to become truly useful.
  • Kurzweil 3000
    • This software program scans written material and reads it out loud. It can assist with writing organization and will typically benefit students with reading and/or attention issues.
  • JAWS
    • Screen reader software. Designed for students who are blind or have limited vision.
  • Braille Printer
    • Specialized printer that prints documents in Braille
  • MAGIC Software
    • Text enlarging software for computers.
  • Live Scribe Smart Pens
    • Pens with the capacity to record lectures. Designed to assist students taking their own notes. Pens and their specialized note books are available to loan for the semester.
  • Individual Assistive Listening Devices – FM Loops
    • Device used to amplify sound.
  • My Reader Closed Circuit TV
    • Magnification system for printed materials.