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Massasoit Community College belongs to the Commonwealth Honors Program Consortium.

The Commonwealth Honors Program hosts an Honors Conference on the Brockton and Canton campuses at the end of each semester to recognize and highlight students’ Honors Projects.

The Commonwealth Honors Program offers students:

  • Enhanced Transfer Opportunities
    All Honors courses are designated as Honors on students’ transcripts, identifying students as academically talented.
  • Intellectually Challenging Classes
    The small size and intimate atmosphere of Honors classes appeal to students who seek a strong voice in their education.
  • Mentoring and Support
    Students receive sustained assistance in planning their future educational goals, including transfer support and selection of courses that suit their needs.
  • Access to the Honors Center
    The Honors Center is a place where students study, use computers, and meet with other students in the Program. The Center also hosts receptions, film screenings, and other academic activities.
  • $100 Tuition Waiver
    Students receive a $100 waiver for each three/four credit Honors course.

Commonwealth Honors Program Highlights

  • Honors Field Trips
    The Honors Program provides extra-curricular activities for cultural enrichment.
  • Annual Recognition Luncheon
    Massasoit hosts an annual awards and recognition luncheon for all students in the Honors Program to recognize outstanding students.
  • The Honors Program Speakers Bureau
    The Speakers Bureau is a group of students on the Canton campus who make presentations in classrooms and at other college events about the benefits of taking Honors courses. Students share their personal experiences as well as provide encouragement to their peers.
  • Statewide Undergraduate Conference
    Students present their original work in oral and visual form before peers, faculty, and the public.

Massasoit Community College is a Member of The National Collegiate Honors Council.