COVID-19 Updates
Most fall courses are online or using video conferencing. Students scheduled for hybrid coursework on campus must complete a daily health assessment. Read More

Registration for Fall 2020 is now open!

To prepare for Registration:

  • Log in to the My Massasoit Portal (Google Chrome is recommended) and open the link to Degree Works to review:
    • your major
    • courses completed
    • courses still needed
    • the GPA Calculator at the top of the page to calculate your potential GPA this semester.

If you need to log-on to your MyMassasoit Account but do not have the log-in information, please email with your student ID V Number.

    • Become familiar with Scheduler, located in your Massasoit Portal when you click on add/drop courses. This tool will help you find a schedule that accommodates work and life demands.

  • How to  add/drop a class
  • Pay your bill or follow up with Financial Aid to make sure your application is complete and accurate.