Stoughton ESOL Program

The Massasoit Stoughton ESOL Program is a collaborative partnership between Massasoit Community College, Stoughton Public Schools, and the Town of Stoughton, funded by a grant from the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (ESE). The program addresses the need for Stoughton area adults to gain English proficiency. Based on individual student needs, our instructors tailor lessons to maximize opportunities for students to attain their life goals.

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The 34-week long program offers Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced levels of ESOL. Topics include reading, writing, grammar, American Culture & Civics, numeracy, conversation, pronunciation, and computer labs. Classes run from September to June, following the Stoughton Public Schools calendar. Interested students complete an application and take the English Placement Assessment. If there are no current class openings, applicants will be placed on the wait list. Students are enrolled on a first-come, first-served basis as openings become available in the appropriate class level.

All classes are offered FREE of charge to students with limited English proficiency!
Class Days & Times: Tuesday and Thursday Evenings from 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

The New Massasoit ESOL Student Lottery Registration Date

December 19, 2019

Due to high demand, Massasoit ESOL/Stoughton will begin to use a lottery system to fill our English classes. The lottery will be held twice a year: once in August for classes starting in September, and again in December for classes starting in January. To participate in the lottery, you must fill in the lottery registration form in person at Stoughton High School, 232 Pearl Street, Stoughton, MA, 02302.
If you have any questions please call us at our new telephone number: 774-480-4608


The date for the first lottery registration will be December 19, 2019