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About our program
For over ten years Massasoit Community College has been offering Board Approved License Renewal courses to licensed Home Inspectors throughout New England. We are currently offering the following courses:

Home Inspector Professional Ethics
This course will provide licensed home inspectors with a 1 hour review of the standards of professional and ethical conduct as set forth by the MA Board of Registration of Home Inspectors.

266 CMR Regulations
This course will provide licensed home inspectors with a 4 hour review of the 266 CMR regulations including the MA Standards of Practice. Numerous illustrations will be used to teach each system that a home inspector is required to know, identify and report on.

Plumbing/Gas Systems
This course is designed to improve the licensed Home Inspector’s understanding of basic principles necessary to recognize problems in plumbing and gas systems in residential properties. You will be trained to make observations and judgments regarding acceptable installation and operation of systems, as well as requirements for fixtures, materials, water temperature, pipe sizing, and venting. Basic observations will be made from CMR 248 Fuel Gas and Plumbing Code as it relates to home inspection. (3.5 contact hours)

Heating Systems
This course is designed to assist licensed home inspectors in understanding and recognizing adequately installed and operating residential heating systems. Discussion will focus on warm air furnaces, boilers, and oil distribution systems. An overview of applicable MA State Code will be addressed as it relates to the home inspection process. (3.5 contact hours)

Report Writing for Home Inspection
This course will use the 266 CMR as a guide in assisting home inspectors in the development of their required home inspection reports (3.5 contact hours)

Exterior Aspects of Home Inspection
This course provides a discussion of the elements to look for on the exterior of a home when conducting a home inspection. Learning to make an informed assessment of outside features provides valuable insights about the interior, as well as the general condition of the home. (3.5 contact hours)

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Withdrawal, Refund & Cancellation Information
You must complete and submit in person a withdrawal form, which is available at any of our locations.
Withdrawals before the start of the first class are granted a 100% refund. Withdrawals after the first class are refunded
0-50% depending on the length of the course.

Certain courses may be cancelled due to low registration. Enrolled students will be notified as soon as cancellation decisions are made. A full refund will be provided to students who have enrolled in a class that has been cancelled by Massasoit Community College.

For additional information about the Home Inspection License Renewal programs please call us at 508-588-9100 x1509.


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