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Exploring the World of Craft Beer will be the first course for our Beer Brewing Certificate.  Courses must be taken in sequential order. Certificates will be issued to students who successfully complete all four courses.

  1. Exploring the World of Craft Beer
    Are you curious about Craft Beer, Brewing methods, and Beer styles?   This course is designed for the novice or individuals without prior experience in the brewing industry.  We will share some of the key entry level elements that will help you understand this industry and allow you a foundation to continue building on your interest.
    Have you ever wondered “What is beer?”, “What is it made of?”, “Why does it taste that way?” and “Who came up with this stuff?”. We will sample some vastly different beers along the way and even do some food and beer pairings that will help you uncover the reason behind the unique characteristics of beer.
    Students must be 21+

    Web | 52105 |$140
    Wednesday | 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM
    5/29/24 – 7/24/24
    Instructor: Kelsey Roth

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    Note: This course is offered online using learning management system (Canvas) and video conference program (Zoom) on scheduled days and times above. Internet and webcam required. Some class sessions will be offsite; students must provide transportation for these offsite sessions.

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