June 8, 2020 – Due to ongoing concerns around the health and safety of the college’s students, faculty, and staff in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Fall 2020 semester will feature limited on-campus activity.

Although we provide these guidelines for the benefit of the college and our community, it is the expectation that all community members arriving on campus will be wearing an appropriate mask/face covering and will maintain all standard social distancing protocols (6 feet distance) the entire time they are on college property.

Any student who plans to be on campus but is unable to wear a face mask/covering due to an existing disability (as defined by the ADA) or a medical condition must request being exempt from the face mask/covering policy as a disability accommodation under the Request for Modification Policy. Students requesting this exemption must contact Access & Disability Resources. Any faculty or staff requiring the same should contact Human Resources.

All students, faculty, staff, and visitors who have been on campus and who are either diagnosed with COVID-19 or who have come in direct contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 are required to complete the COVID-19 Reporting Form.

The course schedule has been designed to limit the number of individuals on campus at any given time. Students are asked to come to campus only for the purposes of scheduled in-person instruction or a previously scheduled appointment (such as placement testing). Faculty and staff are to come to campus only for the purposes of previously scheduled and approved college business.  This includes, but is not limited to, working from your assigned office provided your presence has been pre-approved by your supervisor.

Hand sanitizing stations are available and regular sanitation will be executed.

Please submit any questions here.

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