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Access & Disability Resources (ADR) is committed to ensuring that students with disabilities have equal, effective, and meaningful access to all academic programs, community events, goods, and services provided by the college in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. Students with disabilities may want to consider voluntarily disclosing their disability, taking the placement tests with accommodations and participating in an intake meeting to establish eligibility for academic accommodations and support through Access & Disability Resources.

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Essential Information Regarding Voluntary Disability Disclosure, Placement Testing with Accommodations, Establishing Eligibility for Services and Intake Timeframe

Disclosing your Disability

Students seeking academic accommodations due to a documented disability are encouraged to fill out a Voluntary Disability Disclosure Form. ADR encourages you to submit the form once you commit to attending Massasoit. If you choose to disclose your disability, you agree to receiving initial outreach communications from ADR. Students are under no obligation to inform the college of their disability status if they are not interested in establishing eligibility for academic accommodations, however, since accommodations in high school don’t automatically transfer into the college setting, you may want to consider disclosing your disability and initiating the process to establish eligibility. Solely completing the Voluntary Disability Disclosure form does not confirm your eligibility for accommodations, nor is it considered part of the intake process.

Service Connected Disability | Disability Verification form

Placement Testing with Accommodations

Newly admitted students may be required to take placement tests to determine suitable Math and English courses and/or satisfy prerequisites for classes. Testing accommodations for placement tests are available through ADR for students with a documented disability. Documentation of the disability should be provided at the time of the placement testing. Accommodations allowed for placement testing do not constitute eligibility for academic accommodations in subsequent course work. Testing with accommodations is by APPOINTMENT ONLY and needs to be scheduled directly with ADR.

Establish Eligibility for Services and Timeframe for Intake Meeting

Students seeking academic accommodations due to a disability are required to establish eligibility for services. In order to establish eligibility, students need to submit current and relevant documentation and participate in an intake meeting. Newly admitted students are encouraged to complete an intake meeting during the summer for classes starting in the fall or during winter intersession (January) for the spring semester. Documentation must be submitted to ADR at the scheduled intake meeting (if not previously submitted at the time of placement testing with ADR). The intake meeting should be scheduled after completion of the placement testing series (reading, writing and math) and registration for classes.

Alternative Format

If you need information in an alternative format, contact ADR by calling 508-588-9100 x1807