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The Marilyn Maxwell Latch Academic Support Program

The Latch program is a first-year support and learning community. It serves a diverse population of about 185 students per semester who are looking for support as they transition into college and develop their reading, writing, mathematics, and other academic skills. For nearly 50 years, Latch’s community approach to education has helped students establish successful independent learning strategies and set realistic academic and career goals.

The Latch program offers a mix of academic advising and counseling, peer tutoring and mentoring that create a tight-knit learning community in which students learn together and from one another.

  • A few testimonials from our students:
    • “I feel that I owe my success to the wonderful and caring professors and staff members of the Latch program. They helped me succeed academically and gave me the emotional support I needed to build confidence!”
    • “All the tutors were wicked nice and helpful!”
    • “Latch is a great program for students who are first coming into college and need a little extra help.”

Think the Latch program might be for you?
To learn more about the Latch program or to apply, give us a call at 508-588-9100 x1070 in Brockton, 508-588-9100 x2000 in Canton, or apply online at

Latch’s Academic Counselors provide guidance during your first semesters at Massasoit. They work with you to develop academic and career goals and ensure that your program of study aligns with those goals. Latch counselors maintain close contact with many of your professors, providing a way for our support team to address academic issues as they arise.

Latch’s Tutors assist you with your reading, writing, and mathematics courses. They also work with you throughout each semester to develop other academic skills and habits that will help you find success in your classes and beyond.

Latch’s Peer Mentors are former Latch students who have successfully completed the Latch program. They greet you as you begin your studies at Massasoit and reach out to you throughout the year to check in and remind you of important upcoming events and deadlines. All mentors also tutor in the program.

Latch may be for you if…

  • You are new to college and looking to develop your reading, writing, mathematics, and study skills.
  • You tested into one or more developmental courses.
  • You have had unsatisfactory academic experiences in the past.
  • You have been away from school for a long time.

Please note: Latch program participants must be matriculated Massasoit students enrolled in a daytime degree or certificate program. Matriculated students who have been removed from a degree or certificate program due to academic probation are eligible for enrollment in the program.

Brockton Campus
Technology “T” Building
Room T330
508-588-9100 x1070

Canton Campus
Room C109
508-588-9100 x2000

Latch’s tutoring program is certified through the College Reading & Learning Association, and its academic counselors are members of the National Academic Advising Association.