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Most fall courses are online or using video conferencing. Students scheduled for hybrid coursework on campus must complete a daily health assessment. Read More

Located on the Brockton and Canton campuses, the bookstores are the place to go to get your textbooks and other materials important to your Massasoit experience.
Massasoit’s Online Bookstore at Barnes & Noble

Massasoit Bookstores: Fall 2020 FAQs

How can I buy textbooks and supplies?
The campus and bookstore are currently closed to ensure there is limited student activity on campus. All materials can be ordered online at the bookstore website. I purchased an e-book but can’t access it. What do I do? Please contact or call 1-844-989-8669.

How do I cancel Bartleby?
Please contact

Can I rent a book without using my credit card?
No, all rentals require a credit card on file in case you wish to later purchase the rental or to cover its replacement if lost.

Can I write or highlight in a rental book?
Normal note taking and highlighting is allowed. Please return the rental in a re-saleable condition.

How can I contact the bookstore?
Please email and we will get back to soon as soon as possible.

Can I use financial aid online?
From August 10 to September 25, financial aid is available to use for all eligible purchases. Student financial aid can be used to purchase anything online except gift cards. Third-party, VA and Mass Rehab, have their own defined limits on purchases. If unsure, please speak to your counselor.

What if I don’t spend the full amount of my Financial Aid Book Advance?
You will only be charged for the amount that you spend at the Massasoit Bookstore. If you do not use the full amount of the Book Advance, and your financial aid is not adjusted due to changes in eligibility or enrollment, you will receive the remainder of your credit balance as a refund in the latter half of the semester.

How much is shipping?
All orders of $49.99 and over will ship free; all other orders will cost $5.00 for ground shipping. All orders go out using UPS Ground which takes 2 to 3 days within Massachusetts.

What if I need help finding my books after I have checked the website?
Please email your course, course number, and section to and we will look it up for you. (e.g. Math-101 sect w20).

Can I pick up my books on campus?
Yes. Please order your items using the “pick up in-store” option. Please wait for the second email that says your order is ready.

What are the days of curbside pick up?
Curbside pickup will only be available September 8-11 and September 14-18 from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Where is curbside pick-up?
Pickup will be available behind the Student Center on the Brockton campus in the faculty lot behind campus police. Please look for the bookstore sign that is set up and park there. Upon arrival, call 588-9100 x1156 and someone will be with you soon. Please wear a mask and have a photo ID ready. A signature will be required for curbside pickup. If the purchase was made with financial aid, the financial aid recipient must sign for pickup.

Can I get a refund for a textbook?
All purchases can be returned for a full refund within the first two weeks of classes (until September 18). Students should mail or drop off curbside during specified hours, the book or books. Please include your receipt/web invoice and a note that has your name, phone number, or order number that can be used to look up an order. Refunds can take up to seven days to process back to your credit card. Access codes that have been activated cannot be refunded. All e book refunds must be handled through

How can I get a refund on a book for a class I dropped after September 18?
Provide a copy of your new schedule showing that the class was dropped and mail it back to us with the receipt/web invoice. Full refunds can be given up to September 25 provided books are still in the same condition they were sold in and access codes were not redeemed.

Can I get a refund for an item other than a book?
Purchases can be returned for a full refund in their original packaging, up to 30 days of purchase with receipt/web invoice.

Does the bookstore rent calculators?
No. Massasoit has a Calculator rental program. Students must complete the Calculator Rental Form. Pick up times will be by appointment starting August 31. The charge is $20 for the semester and is charged to your student bill. Students seeking to rent a calculator will be contacted by the library after completing the rental form.

I am having trouble with my purchased laptop. What can I do?
Within the first two weeks from purchase, a refund or exchange can be made. After that period please contact the manufacturer for their warranty coverage.