The Children’s Center is currently closed. 

Massasoit Community College Children’s Center is a licensed campus facility. We service the children of our students, faculty, and staff. We provide a safe, quality learning environment in which to grow. Our classroom is designed to be consistent with our philosophy for learning. Its child-oriented design is conducive to creative learning.

Keeping in mind the child’s cognitive, physical, social, and emotional capabilities, the curriculum is constantly being adjusted to suit the needs of the individual child. Children are required to be 2.9 years of age through 5 years of age. Early education and care slots are available to suit the student’s course schedules.

Our Philosophy

We believe in the full potential of the child. Our purpose is to assist parents to reach their potentials with the knowledge and confidence that their child is also reaching his/her potential. We believe that it is important that parents and teachers share a cooperative role in fostering the growth and development of our children. Our philosophy toward learning is one of discovery by interacting in the classroom environment.

Our Specific Goals Are:

What we want for the children in our care:

  1. To have opportunities to develop and build self-esteem;
  2. To gain self-respect and respect for others;
  3. To feel special, accepted, and valued;
  4. To gain independence through mastery of self-help skills;
  5. To gain knowledge about themselves, others and the world around them;
  6. To learn self-regulation;
  7. To respect the rights and property of others;
  8. To develop cognitive readiness skills and concepts that will lead to critical thinking and reasoning;
  9. To develop age appropriate fine and gross motor coordination;
  10. To learn through planned, thoughtful play experiences;
  11. To gain confidence through achievement of these goals.

Teaching Staff

The Massasoit Children’s Center staff is well qualified and motivated, selected on the basis of rapport, effectiveness with children, educational background, experience and continuing interest in professional development. Warmth, openness, and enthusiasm are characteristics of the Children’s Center staff.

Parental Involvement

Parents and family members are encouraged to participate in all aspects of the Center’s program. Communication with parents through conferences, social events, classroom visits, literature and workshops is encouraged.

Early Childhood Education Department

The Center is affiliated with the Early Childhood Education & Administration Associate Degree Program. We are a lab training site for future child care professionals. Students and parents utilize our “observation room” to better understand the developmental milestones of the children in our care. Audio and visual technology are used for education and training purposes.

The Massasoit Children’s Center is located in the Fine Arts building on the Brockton Campus. It consists of one main classroom with an adjoining resource room. An outdoor play area plus a courtyard for creative adventures is adjacent to the Center.