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April 29, 2015 – The Commonwealth Honors Program at Massasoit’s Canton Campus held their spring conference on Monday, April 27. The event highlighted the work of 30 students. Dr. Barbara McCarthy, vice president for academic affairs, addressed the students and faculty in attendance. “I have taught college writing at all levels, and I have always told my students that they are becoming intellectuals. Some have questioned what that means, sometimes laughing, ‘Me? An intellectual?’ And I tell them, an intellectual is a person who is critically engaged with the challenges of their time. You all are engaged, and I am so proud of the quality of your work.”

Patrick St. Croix of East Bridgewater & Tricia Garcia of Stoughton, Canton Honors Students.
Patrick St. Croix of East Bridgewater & Tricia Garcia of Stoughton, Canton Honors Students.

Two students were each honored with $500 scholarships with funds raised from the Canton Honor Garden. Tricia Garcia of Stoughton, a Liberal Arts Transfer – Computer Science major, has been accepted into and offered merit scholarships to attend Smith College and Wellesley College this fall. Patrick St. Croix of East Bridgewater, a Liberal Arts Transfer major with a concentration in History, has been accepted at Suffolk University. “I am a non-traditional student, 10 years out of high school. I did not expect an easy transition back into academia, but Massasoit and this honors program have altered my life – socially, culturally, and academically,” said St. Croix. “The strong intellectual discussions, small class size, and my experience as an officer in the honors club have changed my perspective. I will graduate with highest honors and with an evolved outlook for both academics and civic engagement.”

Four students in Professor David LaFontaine’s English Composition 2 Honors course presented their essays and all honors students in attendance visually presented their work to guests at the event. Deanna Yameen, dean of humanities and fine arts, told the audience, “Our students stand shoulder to shoulder with the best minds anywhere.”

The mission of the Commonwealth Honors Program at Massasoit is to create enriched educational opportunities for academically talented and highly motivated students; to encourage the recognition of these students as an integral part of our college community; to encourage faculty to mentor these students; to assist in the transfer of these students to four-year colleges and universities appropriate to their needs; and to provide opportunities for independent study as well as small peer classes for students who can work above the collegiate norm to develop individual skills.