Campus Resources

Student care is the top priority of Massasoit‘s Dean of Students office. Our office is here to assist students with information and referrals to campus resources. We strive to help students in the resolution of problems or concerns, and promote initiatives that address students’ care, needs, and success. We also serve as a resource for families, faculty, and staff in supporting student success at Massasoit.

Massasoit’s Community Assessment Referral Evaluation (CARE) Team supports faculty and staff in supporting students. Faculty and staff can share behavioral or academic concerns with the CARES Team Student Concern Reporting Form. Once received, a member of the CARE Team will review the information, take appropriate action, and follow up with the reporting party. Note that, upon request, the submitted form may be released to the student who is the subject of the report. The CARES Team DOES NOT respond directly to emergencies. If you feel threatened, or are aware that someone is in extreme distress or at risk for harming themselves or others, please IMMEDIATELY CALL Massasoit Police at 508-588-9100 x1296 or dial 9-1-1 from any campus phone.

Student Behavior

As a student, you are an active and vital part of the Massasoit educational community. Our community is dedicated to protecting the freedom of individuals to inquire, study, evaluate, question, and gain new levels of knowledge and understanding. Massasoit has put these specific expectations in place that define acceptable behavior necessary to protect individual freedoms and ensure responsible citizenship.

As a member of the Massasoit community, it is your responsibility to understand and adhere to the codes and policies that govern and prescribe acceptable student behavior.

It is also your right as a member of the Massasoit community to know what you should do if you believe another person has behaved inappropriately toward you.

The Dean of Students website has information you need to know in order to both uphold your behavioral responsibilities as a student and to report behavior that you believe has infringed on your rights within the community.

Student Complaint Process

Massasoit Community College policies regarding student complaints and grievances may be found in the College Catalog (PDF), which is available to current and prospective students.

In the event that an issue cannot be resolved internally, students may file a complaint with the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education.

Student Advocacy, Outreach & Equity

Students engaged in College processes and procedures such as appeals, student conduct meetings, or disagreements with faculty or staff may contact the Director of Student Advocacy, Outreach & Equity for assistance. The Director can provide guidance, support, and advocacy to students including assisting them with their understanding of processes, providing guidance on how to approach writing an appeal, and mentoring them through each process.

For more information please contact the Dean of Students Office at, 508-588-9100 x1402.