With a broad range of degree and certificate programs, we know we can help you discover your extraordinary here at Massasoit Community College.

The many program and certificate options at Massasoit are designed to prepare students for the next step in their educational journey. Programs designated as transfer are designed for students who plan to earn their bachelor’s degree at another college or university once they have completed their studies at Massasoit. Those without a transfer designation or marked as career are better suited for students who are seeking to directly enter the workforce.

Arts, Humanities & Communications

Do you want to share your voice with the world? Whether it is through broadcasting, stage performing, or penning the next Harry Potter or Game of Thrones series, the Arts, Humanities & Communications Pathway at Massasoit will give you a foundation of skills and knowledge to make those dreams a reality.

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Business Administration & Management

We offer a gateway for students to enter business administration, and computer science & technology careers. In business administration, you will learn about topics such as accounting, marketing, and business law. Our computer science and technology programs cover topics including Microsoft Office technologies, data science, programming, and software design.

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Culinary & Hospitality

The Culinary & Hospitality industries are growing and changing; disruptors like food delivery services and Airbnb create new opportunities and career pathways every year. Massasoit’s Culinary and Hospitality pathway will enable you to enter any food service operation upon graduating or have a well-rounded understanding of marketing, tourism, law, and event planning.

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Education, Human Services & Social Science

You are intrigued by the world and people around you. Maybe teaching or helping others is your inner calling. The Education, Human Services & Social Science Pathway at Massasoit will give you ample opportunities to explore why people do what they do and how they grow, learn, and differ from one another.

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Health & Public Safety

Are you willing to take on challenges associated with people’s wellbeing, or be the first-responder in an emergency? Massasoit can quickly prepare you for employment or help you achieve advanced degree goals through extensive hands-on training and compelling courses that prepare you for in demand careers in health and public safety.

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Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM)

As a future scientist, engineer, researcher or computer science wiz, start your journey in Massasoit’s widely respected STEM Pathway. Get involved in graduate-level research, and hands-on training with faculty experts in STEM fields at Massasoit.

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