Massasoit Community College employs its own College Police Department which is available at all times. The Police Office is located on the bottom floor of the Student Center, Room SC-145.The Police Department telephone number is 508-427-1296 from off campus, and the emergency number from inside the College is ext. 1296, Business ext. 1041. All members of the Massasoit Community College Community are required to report all criminal actions to the Campus Police immediately. A Tip Line formhas been set up to assist in crime reporting. This form does not take the place of our emergency system but is a valuable tool to aid the public in reporting criminal activity.

The Massasoit Community College Police Department is here to protect and serve the College Community.

The Police Department, being a partner with the entire College Community, Community, will detect, deter, and apprehend criminal offenders. Massasoit Police Officers are licensed under Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 22C, § 63 by the State Police granting them the same powers of arrest as a city or town police officer while on property owned, used, and occupied by Massasoit Community College. Subject to approval by the Chief of Police, Massasoit Police Officers may also receive additional police authority as Plymouth County Deputy Sheriffs under G.L. Chapter 37 § 3.