How to Request Public Records

If the records you are searching for are not available on this site, you can request those records by contacting the Massasoit Community College Records Access Officer. A request for public records should include:

  • Description of specific records being requested
  • Date parameters for the public records being requested
  • Name of person or organization requesting the public records
  • The requesting person’s/organization’s contact information

Within 10 business days of receipt of the request, you will either receive the record or will be contacted in writing. Written responses will be to acknowledge the request and provide a date the records will be available, to deny the request with an explanation of the denial, or to ask for further clarification.

Please keep in mind the college’s response time will depend on the number of public record requests being processed by the college, how many records are responsive to the request, how old the records being requested are, and how specific the request is.

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