Our College Catalog is your guide to all that Massasoit has to offer. In it, you will find academic maps for all of our associate degree and for-credit certificate programs to help steer each semester. You can read descriptions for more than 550 courses offered at Massasoit. All of our academic programs fall under six Pathways: Arts, Humanities & Communications; Business Administration & Management; Culinary & Hospitality; Education & Human Services; Health & Public Safety; and STEM.

The College Catalog also provides information regarding financial aid, services, and resources offered to students, student affairs and student life, as well college policies and the Academic Calendar.

Course offerings, dates, tuition, fees, and other college information are subject to change at any time. The information in the catalog is provided solely for the convenience of the reader, and the Massasoit expressly disclaims any liability that may otherwise be incurred. The information in the catalog is for the current academic year. Any changes, additions, or deletions made after that date are available on this page.