Chinese Youth Federations

Nov. 4, 2015 – On Thursday, October 29, Massasoit Community College hosted a team of leaders representing Chinese Youth Federations from various provinces. The meeting was organized by Bridgewater State University’s Minnock Center for International Engagement, who coordinated the 5-day visit to Massachusetts, and Massasoit’s Division of Corporate and Community Education.

“Massasoit was thrilled to have the opportunity to share information with members of the Chinese Youth Federation during their visit to Massachusetts. We shared some of the key ways that Massasoit connects regional youth to higher education, experiential learning, and the local economy,” said Rose Paquette, dean of corporate and community education at Massasoit. Representatives from Admissions, Community Education, Gateway to College, Emergency Medical Services, Experiential Learning, Civic Engagement, and Internships participated in the program.

“As always, we are grateful to our friends and colleagues at Bridgewater State University for their partnership in this event, and we look forward to another successful delegation visit next year,” added Dean Paquette.