Dec. 18, 2015 – The Commonwealth Honors Program held their annual fall conferences on December 2 and 7 on the Canton and Brockton campuses. The event highlighted the work of the honors students in both locations.

In Canton, the group was addressed by Dr. Charles Wall, president of Massasoit Community College, Nick Palantzas, senior vice president, Professor David LaFontaine, Dr. Deanna Yameen, dean of humanities and fine arts, and several students. In Brockton, Professor Susan Martelli and Dr. Wall opened the event.

Sheilena M. Downey and Dalena Nguyen were Canton scholarship recipients for the fall of 2015. Ms. Downey presented a personal and compelling story of her path to Massasoit to attendees in Canton.

The mission of the Commonwealth Honors Program at Massasoit is to create enriched educational opportunities for academically talented and highly motivated students; to encourage the recognition of these students as an integral part of our college community; to encourage faculty to mentor these students; to assist in the transfer of these students to four-year colleges and universities appropriate to their needs; and to provide opportunities for independent study as well as small peer classes for students who can work above the collegiate norm to develop individual skills.