June 30, 2017 – On Thursday, June 29, the Gateway to College program at Massasoit Community College graduated 31 students from 10 different school districts. Students graduated with both their high school diploma and, on average, 28 college credits each.

The following students graduated:

Katie Alix
Jacob Boehner
Garnet Dawbin
Alex Donovan-Ortiz
Calvin Duncan III
David Fasolino, IV
Marco Feeney
Eric Fernandes
Josue Fernandes
Kyrell Fulks
Tayla Giannini
Erica Goncalves
Zachary Honrado
Tristan Hraibe
Benjamin Julius
Gabriel Koubek
Michaela Lee
Joseph Lussier
Kyle MacLennan
Amanda MacNevin
Kaley MacNevin
Collin Matson

Gateway to College is a comprehensive early college high school program that enables qualified, motivated students to earn a high school diploma while accruing college credits. Although all activities take place on the college campus, students are dually enrolled in both the school district and the college, receiving a high school diploma from the district in which they live.

Gateway to College students are a diverse group of young people between the ages of 16 and 21 ready and willing to work hard to be successful in the program. Some of our students believe that a traditional high school setting is not the right fit, left high school before graduating, were on the verge of leaving, or were behind in credits to graduate with their designated class; others are academic achievers getting a head start on a college education.