Sept. 8, 2016 – In light of the sudden closing of all 137 campuses of the ITT Technical Institute, including two in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the Massachusetts Community Colleges Executive Office (MCCEO) is working with the 15 community college campuses to offer support and assistance to all affected students. These abrupt closures are dislodging more than 35,000 students from their programs nationwide, including hundreds in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Community Colleges, including Massasoit, are ready and prepared to partner with the U.S. Department of Education, the Massachusetts Department of Education, and the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office to assist these former ITT students. All displaced ITT students in Massachusetts are urged to contact their local community college to be advised on your educational transition options.

For information on your options at Massasoit Community College, contact Michelle Hughes, director of admissions, at For general inquiries and help with federal student loans, please reach out to the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office at 1-888-830-6277.

The Massachusetts Community Colleges Executive Office (MCCEO) works on behalf of the presidents and trustees of the fifteen Community Colleges in Massachusetts – currently representing more than 184,000 students across every region of the Commonwealth.