“Massasoit Community College offers personalized invitations for potential and existing students to discover their own opportunities for greatness. This educational journey will be taken alongside experienced faculty, staff and coaches who understand that each student is unique from where they start to where they want to go.”
Massasoit Community College Brand Rationale


Oct. 28, 2019 – After several months of work, which included interviews in the community and on campus with faculty, staff, and students, Massasoit Community College is excited to announce our new college brand. The new look and feel of our materials reflect what that research revealed: our students are creative, genuine, and authentic, and our College is student-centered, focused on helping students reach their full potential. At Massasoit, we are in the business of providing guidance, knowledge and opportunities to those who seek something greater.

In the coming weeks, the community can expect to see the new Massasoit logo and colors – navy and goldenrod – and our new open book logo across all our new materials. Our brand refresh comes alongside a new website, which will soon be ready for launch.