Hive 098
The Hive, by Massasoit artist-in-residence Karin Sanborn

Jun2 22, 2015 – On Thursday, June 25, Massasoit Community College, in partnership with The Art Connection of Boston, will host a reception in recognition of a fine arts display at the College. A tour of the newly acquired artwork, generously donated by The Art Connection and local artists, will also include the unveiling of The Hive, a collaborative art installation by Massasoit’s artist-in-residence Karin Sanborn.

Over the last five years, The Art Connection and Massasoit have worked together to transform academic buildings, study spaces, and gathering areas into a more nurturing – and beautiful – environment for students, staff, and visitors. Professor Roland Blanchette, who teaches in the social science department at Massasoit, serves as the College’s art curator, and has overseen the installation of art across the school’s three locations in Brockton, Canton, and Middleborough.

The reception will celebrate the newest pieces of art, as well as the first public viewing of The Hive. The permanent installation was designed and installed by Ms. Sanborn with the help of students and staff in the cafeteria of the Brockton campus, particularly Professor Blanchette. His description of The Hive is “a figurative rendition of the life of bees. The backdrop, the flowers, and the honeycombs create a place like no other. This is also true of Massasoit’s cafeteria. Each bee in The Hive is unique and different, like our students: endlessly active, endlessly interesting.”

The reception will be held Thursday, June 25, in the Upper Lounge of the Student Center on the Brockton Campus, at 4:00 p.m. For directions, please visit

Other artists who have work on display include Elaine Alibrandi, S. A. Bachman, John Borchard, Jessica Burko, Carmela Cattuti, Leah De Prizio, Laura Evans, Tina Feingold, Al Fisher, John Guthrie, Suzanne Hodes, Diana Korzenik, Jack Lillis, Chalda Maloff, Ann Miller, Debra Olin, Jason Pechinski, Mark Peterson, Pamela Reynolds, Gwyn Rohrer Griffith, David Shapiro, Ellen Sinclair, and Timothy Wilson.

The Art Connection, Inc. is a Boston-based, non-profit organization that facilitates the choice of art, from artists and other donors, by those who may not have the opportunity to experience the transformative possibilities of art in their lives. For more information, visit or contact Roland Blanchette at 508-588-9100 x1706.