Oct. 20, 2017 – On Monday, October 23, Massasoit’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion welcomed Sara Ting to Unity Day, celebrating Massasoit’s diversity and stand against racism.

The inaugural Unity Day event at Massasoit Community College was designed as a way to celebrate the diversity of our college population and promote inclusivity among all who learn and work here. In August 2017, the Presidents of the 15 Massachusetts Community Colleges released a joint statement where they stated:

We embrace our shared values of global citizenship and prize the richness of cultural wealth in our diverse communities. We respect people from all nations, cultures, background, and experience and welcome them to join our community of scholars and learners, for therein lies the hope and the future strength of our nation and our world.

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion strives to promote and support, in various ways, reaching new heights in diversity and inclusive excellence at Massasoit Community College.

“The goal of Unity Day Event was to create a climate of respect for the richness of diversity that we have on our campuses and in the surrounding communities. We were excited to welcome diversity trainer and speaker Sara Ting to discuss the value of engaging in thoughtful discourse and forging connections across communities through empowered listening,” said Yolanda Dennis, Chief Diversity Officer at Massasoit.