Oct. 21, 2020 – Massasoit Community College, in alignment with the 14 other Massachusetts Community Colleges, will continue to offer primarily remote, online, and hybrid learning, with limited in-person courses, in the Spring 2021 semester. The community college presidents released a joint statement earlier this week regarding the decision:

“As Presidents of the fifteen Massachusetts Community Colleges, monitoring public health conditions, ensuring safety for our campus community, and maintaining high-quality academic instruction are top priorities during this pandemic. Therefore, the fifteen community colleges will continue to offer primarily remote, online, and hybrid learning, with limited in-person courses, in the Spring 2021 semester. Each college will continue to provide students with the services and support they need to succeed while tracking local public health conditions. We are hopeful that making this decision early will give our students, faculty, and staff, who are already balancing the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic recession, the necessary time to prepare for the Spring semester. We look forward to serving all who rely on Massachusetts Community Colleges for an affordable, safe, and flexible higher education experience.”

Massasoit’s winter session will be delivered the same way as fall and spring – with online, videoconferencing, and hybrid courses. The course advising & registration period for currently enrolled, degree-seeking students runs from November 9 through November 22; current students must meet with advisor to obtain a registration PIN. Registration for the winter session and spring semester opens to all on November 23. An accelerated session will also be available in the spring semester for students who wish to take select courses in a shorter period of time.

“We all hoped life would be back to normal by now, but the data is not in our favor,” said Massasoit President Dr. Gena Glickman. “I share our faculty and staff’s desire to welcome students back to campus and to our classrooms, but until it’s safe to do so, we will continue to deliver a quality education through virtual means.”

On campus activity is still limited to hybrid classes and placement testing; students should not come to campus unless they are scheduled for one of those activities. Massasoit requires all individuals who plan to come to campus or any college property, whether for courses or to conduct business, to sign the college’s Wellness Pledge and to complete a Daily Self-Health Assessment online.

Massasoit has made a number of resources available to its community to facilitate distance learning and personal well-being. This includes assistance with enrollment and advising, Access & Disability Resources, information on how to get textbooks and supplies, and virtual Student Life events.

Massasoit’s new Center for Basic Needs Security also provides resources for students, faculty, and community members. To learn effectively, students must have basic security: a roof over their head; a safe place to sleep; and enough food to eat. Students who are having trouble with any of those things are encouraged to contact our Center for Basic Needs Security to make sure those needs, and many others, are met.