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Students will:

  • Graphically communicate architectural ideas and building assemblies, both two and three dimensionally
  • Learn digital graphics software packages and be able produce construction and presentation drawings
  • Solve architectural problems through the development of an aesthetic approach and the manipulation of form and space
  • Develop an understanding of building materials and methods
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the coordination within a building project between architecture and related professions
  • Understand basic life safety and regulatory requirements for building projects
  • Study fundamental structural principles
  • Utilize research from web based and other sources in architectural and construction management projects
  • Identify basic methods of sustainable building practices and their environmental impacts

Graduates of this pathway should qualify for entry-level jobs in architectural, engineering, and construction management. Program prepares individuals to assist architects, engineers, and construction professionals in developing plans and related documentation for residential and commercial projects in both the private and public sectors.