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The Associate of Arts Theatre Arts Degree Program will:

• Provide faculty who are experienced professionals dedicated to meeting the needs of community college students by creating a supportive environment necessary for learning.

• Provide lecture based and experiential learning, focusing on current industry methods and technology.

• Provide various elective options to explore Music, Dance, Musical Theatre, and Media Arts, as they relate to Theatre Arts.

• Foster an attitude of self-improvement, responsibility, and professionalism in the graduate, and to nurture life-long learning as a core value.

Student Learning Outcomes:

• Learn the vocabulary of artistic expression and competency in the theatrical knowledge applicable to performance and technical skills.

• Understand, analyze, and explain the relationship among world cultures as they relate to theatrical study.

• Apply knowledge in the theory and practice of both performative and technical theatre professional processes.

• Demonstrate proficiency in text analysis, critical thinking, oral communication, writing skills.

• Write critically about both primary and secondary texts, research, and viewing of productions.

• Assess the interdisciplinary nature and components of the theatre performance and design.

• Inhabit the ability to work creatively, collaboratively and cooperatively, in diverse teams.

Every graduate will be able to:

• Acquire an associate degree education equivalent to the first two years of a baccalaureate degree program.

• Acquire academic skills necessary for successful transfer to a senior institution which include a strong foundation in the theatre arts.

• Apply skills needed for entry-level positions in theatre and/or advanced study beyond the Associates Degree.

• Transfer to state-supported schools in Massachusetts through the Mass Transfer Program.