Q. What do I do when I am stopped by a Police Officer while in my car?
When you notice activated emergency lights, pull your vehicle over to the right as soon as it is deemed safe. Stay in your vehicle, if you exit your vehicle it may be conceived as a threat to officer safety. Turn on your light (if at night) and keep your hands where they can be seen. Supply all information the officer asks for. Answer all questions honestly. If you receive a uniform citation, its best not to argue the citation on location, but utilize the appeal process at the assigned court house.

Q. How do I report a crime to College Police?
For all on-campus emergencies using an outside line dial 508-427-1296, for all inside lines dial extension 1296, or use a classroom phone and push the emergency button, or find the nearest emergency call box and activate it by pushing the button

Q. How do I appeal a Motor Vehicle Citation?
Once a speeding citation is issued by the Police, the appeal process is done through the court system. The process is outlined on the back of the citation that is issued. The citation needs to be sent back within 20 days whether you decide to pay for the infractions that are listed or are requesting a hearing. If the citation is not received within 20days, you will lose your right to a hearing, will have to pay substantial late charges and your license to operate or registration will be suspended until you pay in full, including all late charges and reinstatement fees.

Q. How do I pay a Parking Ticket issued by Massasoit Police?
If issued a parking ticket and want to pay the fine, you may visit www.plymouthcountyparking.com or mail it to the return address on the ticket. Note: If the ticket is at the non-renewal stage, you are required to pay by a postal money order or bank check if sending by mail. No personal checks will be accepted. You may also pay with cash in person at the Plymouth County Treasurer’s office (first floor) at 11 South Russell Street, Plymouth, MA or at the parking clerk’s office where your violation was issued.