One of the most impactful ways local business professionals can contribute to Massasoit’s success is by lending their expertise to one of the college’s program advisory committees. The primary purpose of advisory committees is to advise faculty on the design, development, implementation, evaluation, maintenance, and revision of technical educational programs.  Who better to contribute to this process than professionals working in the field?

In collaboration with college faculty and staff, local business professionals play a critical role in helping design and update curriculum driven by current information about job market trends, technological developments, and workplace practices specific to the program.

Program advisory committees bring industry experience, expertise, and connections that help enable Massasoit to do the following:

  • Position the college to be a strategic partner in addressing community and industry needs.
  • Ensure program relevance through reviews of enrollment, retention, and completion data as well as recommendations based on current practices and trends in the field.
  • Ensure program quality through reviews of curriculum and learning outcomes, facilities and equipment, and technology.
  • Identify and engage partners to assist with improving student success through workplace learning opportunities, graduate placements, guest speakers, and field trips.

Program advisory committees meet twice per year, and committee members are appointed for a three-year term.

To learn more about opportunities to serve on a program advisory committee, contact Jennifer Sanchez Olsen, Coordinator of Career Planning & Placement, at 508-588-9100 x1603 or via email