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Radiologic Technology Academic Policies

These policies represent an abbreviated version of policies published in the Radiologic Technology Program Handbook. View the Radiology Technology Student Handbook or visit the college library.


Passing grade for all Radiologic Technology courses is 78%. A student earning a grade less than 78% will receive a grade of “F”. Failure of a Radiologic Technology course necessitates reversion to non-matriculating status since courses are sequential and are offered once per year. Students may reapply to the program, and repeat a failed course, once, on a space-available basis. Students who fail the same Radiologic Technology course twice, or who fail two Radiologic Technology courses, will not be readmitted to the Radiologic Technology Program.


Clinical Experience courses are sequential and graded on a Pass/Fail basis. A “Pass” grade must be received in each clinical course prior to advancement to the next level. A “Pass” grade is achieved by 100% completion of assigned clinical objectives/competencies as documented by the Clinical Coordinator and Instructor.

Incomplete Grades: Earned Incompletes (I) which are not made-up prior to the beginning of the next course level will necessitate reversion to non-matriculating status. Students must complete the incomplete work and then apply for re-admission to the program on a space-available basis.

Schedule for Clinical Assignments

Students are assigned to Clinical Affiliations for two days a week during the Freshman academic year and three days a week during the Sophomore Year. A 10-week five day a week summer clinical experience is also required. Sophomore students must complete in Clinical Experience III, two alternate shifts and up to five alternate shifts during Clinical Experience IV. An alternate shift is described as an evening/and or week-end clinical practicum and one that provides the students with unique learning experiences.

Freshman Year – Semester ITuesday / Thursday (15 hours) Day Shifts
Freshman Year – Semester IITuesday / Thursday (15 hours) Day Shifts
SummerMonday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday (37.5 Hours) Day Shifts
Sophomore Year – Semester IMonday / Wednesday / Friday (22.5 Hours) Day Shifts
Sophomore Year – Semester IIMonday / Wednesday / Friday (22.5 Hours) Day Shifts with evening and weekend shifts