Oct. 8, 2015 – Stop & Shop, which has two stores located in Brockton, has donated two tractor-trailers to the Massasoit Community College Diesel Program to aid in hands-on experience for students. The 2007 Utility 53-foot all aluminum insulated refrigerated trailers with Carrier refrigeration units are worth more than $40,000.

Ebenezer Grant, Fleet Manager at Stop & Shop’s Freetown distribution center and 1998 Massasoit Community College graduate, spearheaded the donation.  Ebenezer called Professor Tom Kearns, Chair of the Diesel Department, and invited him to Stop & Shop’s distribution center to look at the trailers they wanted to donate. Professor Kearns accepted the donation on the spot.

“Ebenezer cares passionately about Massasoit Community College and felt these tractor-trailers could really benefit the students,” stated Lorenzo Wood, Facility Maintenance and Compliance Manager for Stop & Shop.  “Ebenezer’s actions are a perfect example of Stop & Shop’s century long commitment of supporting the communities where we have stores. We know this donation will have a positive impact on the students in the Diesel Technology program for years to come.”

At a recognition breakfast event on Tuesday, September 29, current Diesel Technology student Matt Perry told the group, “I am a former Army mechanic. I worked in the trade after the service, but I realized that I need to learn more about things such as collapsing landing gear, and that I had not learned a lot about trailers. Massasoit is moving in a great direction with this partnership. We now have a great opportunity for experience in our education.”  Student Matt Rivero works for a small construction company out of Boston. He said he saw the trailers on campus and came in to learn more. “I will now be able to move trailers when I get into the field and having refrigeration experience is job security – not everybody has that,” he said.

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Photos: J. Lynch, Massasoit Community College