Honors Courses

English Composition II Honors

An enhanced version of the required second-tier writing course, providing creative opportunities for class discussion and special projects.

The Honors Seminar: Ethical Dilemmas and Other Special Topics

An interdisciplinary seminar centered on student involvement, featuring guest speakers in a variety of subject areas and culminating in a project designed by the student.

GLBT Themes in Literature – Honors
A theme-based literature course focused on authors who represent GLBT-related topics in their work and/or their lives. Students develop research, writing, and presentation skills in collaboration with Professor David LaFontaine.

Honors Projects / Independent Courses
Independent projects attached to any course (3+ credits) as approved by coordinators, and accompanied by weekly meetings with a sponsoring instructor..

Commonwealth Honors Program – Successful Completion Requirements

Students must complete English Composition II Honors*, the Honors Seminar and a third (3+ credit) Honors course, with a grade of B+ or better in each Honors course, and an overall GPA of 3.2 or higher.

*Students who enter the program after completing English Composition II with a minimum grade of B+ may substitute an Honors project attached to a 200-level or above literature course.