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Most fall courses are online or using video conferencing. Students scheduled for hybrid coursework on campus must complete a daily health assessment. Read More

Whether you want to open a local business or have more global aspirations, the Business Administration & Management Pathway provides a gateway into the workplace for students seeking immediate career opportunities. A career as a certified public accountant, employment in the rapidly expanding hotel and restaurant industry, entry level managerial positions, and knowledge of the workplace as it relates to sales, retailing, and advertising are all achievable through the Business Administration Careers’ ‘Options.’

Students who are unsure of their career goals can sample a variety of business courses in order to determine their own unique area of interest. For students looking for a cost-effective, high quality education that leads to a four-year degree, the Business Administration Transfer option offers students a strong foundation in the principles of business and liberal arts and is recognized by all Massachusetts State Colleges and Universities.