Once I’m accepted in the plan, how do I maintain eligibility?

Once enrolled in TFCC, you do not need to re-apply in following years. Complete your FAFSA each year to continue receiving the Pell grant (if eligible).

Does TFCC cover bachelor’s degree programs?

No. TFCC only pays for students pursuing coursework in associate degree and short-term certificate programs. However, if you think you might want to continue your education beyond your associate degree, check out Boston Bridge or the MassArt Transfer program.

Boston Bridge

Boston Bridge is a partnership between TFCC and the State’s Commonwealth Commitment program that allows eligible students to earn a bachelor’s degree free of tuition and mandatory fees. Learn more about the Boston Bridge.

MassArt Transfer Program

The MassArt Transfer program will cover tuition, fees, and mandatory supplies for PELL-eligible students transferring from a Massachusetts community college to a bachelor’s degree program at MassArt. To learn more visit massart.edu/masstransfer or contact Shannon Gallagher, the MassArt Transfer Admissions Counselor, at sagallagher@massart.edu.

Is it really free?

Yes! If you are a Boston resident, tuition and fees at the six participating colleges are free for both associate degree and short-term certificate programs.

I have an outstanding balance at my community college and cannot re-enroll. Can you help?

Yes! The program will pay off debt of up to $2,500 for students with an outstanding balance at a partner college if it prevents them from re-enrolling at that college. Students must re-enroll in an associate degree or certificate program at that college.

I dropped out of a community college program. Can I re-enroll in a TFCC school to finish my degree with these funds?

Yes! You are eligible for free tuition if you re-enroll in a participating community college.

I started my degree program at a non-TFCC school. Can I enroll at a TFCC school to finish my degree with these funds?

Yes! Your tuition at any of the six participating schools will be free if you’re a Boston resident. Contact the school of your choice to arrange any transfer of credits.