Elementary Education majors are encouraged to take Introductory Biology BIOL 140 and its 1 –credit Lab BIOL142 rather than BIOL121. Both meet program requirements, but students are more likely to be successful in the recommended course UNLESS they plan to major in Science at a 4-yr school.

PRIOR to transfer, Education students must have successfully completed the MTEL for Communication and Literacy Visit for details.

RECOMMEND taking this part of the MTEL on completion of, or shortly after English Composition II


EDUC111** has pre-requisites of dedicated Math courses Mathematics for Elementary Teachers I(MATH127) OR Mathematics for Elementary Teachers II (MATH128), A 4- credit Life Science (BIOL140+142-preferredor BIOL121) OR a 4-credit Physical Science (CHEM 131, CHEM151, PHYS151, ESCI 121, ESCI123, ESCI124, or PHYS112 and 113) or

Departmental Approval.

Note: MATH123 and 124 has been replaced by MATH127 and MATH128


Education students at BSU must choose a primary major in the Arts and Sciences other than Education, their second major.

Psychology is discouraged as a choice but Sociology or Sciences and Mathematics are encouraged and should be considered during academic planning here at Massasoit. Sandy Christoun at BSU’s Transfer Central is a helpful resource for students planning transfer.

A 2+2 program for Elementary Education is offered by Eastern Nazarene College here at Massasoit Community College. Graduates can join a cohort and complete their Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education here, one night a week for 2 and ½ years. The enrollment advisor at ENC’s Adult Studies program is Laura Nase and her contact info is available from Anne Perry @ x1700


**EDUC111 Introduction to Elementary Education, a Fall course, requires students to observe in a public school classroom placement All Day Tuesday and Thursday for the middle 5 weeks of the semester. Student CANNOT participate in any other day-time classes on Tuesday and Thursday during the Fall semester when taking EDUC111.


Courses only available in FALL semester: EDUC111 and MATH127

Courses only available in SPRING semester: EDUC104, MATH128 and GEOG201

MATH 127 and 128 and Child Psych PSYC102 may be available in SUMMER sessions.

If a student has met most of their program requirements and needs to take additional courses to maintain full-time status, Creative Dramatics, American Sign Language 1 and 2, The Science of Music and its Lab, and others, are all valuable courses that could be transferred into a 4-year program as well as being valuable supplements to a teaching portfolio

Program of Studies change: State and Local Govt (GOVT301) has been removed from the program as our partner schools do not accept the course for transfer credit. ECON 201 is the transferrable course and will remain. The change won’t become effective until Fall 2013 but students should NOT take GOVT301, even if it still appears on their Program sheet.