The biology challenge exam is 90 multiple choice questions (90 points) and 2 essay questions (10 points). The essay portion of the exam includes one required essay question and a choice of 1 out of 4 other questions. A student must score a minimum of 70 points to pass. The exam is corrected by a member of the Biology Department, and it is returned with a score and the words Pass or Fail.

The exam covers the topics listed in the course description for Biological Principles, usually material covered in the first 20 chapters or so in a standard biology text. It is not a standardized exam, but rather an exam developed by the Biology Department to assess student preparedness in areas covered in the Biological Principles course. Typically the exam takes about two hours to complete. Copies of both Brum’s and Campbell’s biology texts are on reserve in the Massasoit library for study and review.

A student can make an appointment to take the exam through the Testing Office and can be taken remotely or onsite at the Brockton Campus. The exam is free of charge and can be retaken once a semester. Additional information about exam content can be found at Biology Challenge Exam Information.