Dianne Mazzocca

It had been 36 years since Dianne Mazzocca stepped into a classroom as a student.  “I wasn’t sure I would still have what it takes,” recalls Dianne.  Earlier in her career she worked as a flight attendant for 17 years but resigned to raise her two children.  Now that her children have grown, she felt a call to enter into a journey of self-discovery.  Dianne very much wanted a career that inspired her and offered her the opportunity to help others.  She felt a career as an EKG technician would accomplish just that.

After conducting extensive research on EKG training programs, Dianne decided to enroll at Massasoit Community College.  The EKG Technician Certificate program at Massasoit was reputable, affordable, and consolidated into one semester.  Through the program, Dianne gained the courage, ability, confidence, and desire to take on a whole new career.  She credits her instructor, Sue Lagasse, with being an important motivator who inspired the entire class to work together as a team to achieve their goals.

Dianne graduated from the EKG Technician Certificate program in April 2019.  Since then she has been actively networking and submitting applications for jobs in the field.  Asked to sum up her experience in the EKG Technician Certificate program, Dianne responded: “Thank you Massasoit Community College for giving me this opportunity to grow, learn, and set out on my dreams with a new-found sense of self-worth and confidence.  It has changed my life and allows me to give back.”