Faith Berube

Not many people can say they completed the first, major step in their career before finishing high school.  Faith Berube can.  Faith graduated from the EMT Basic Certificate program at Massasoit Community College during her senior year of high school.  That important step gave her a huge jump start in the career she is pursuing in emergency medicine.

Faith discovered her passion for health care as a patient in an ambulance.  During her sophomore year in high school, she suffered from a breathing condition.  While being transported in an ambulance, Faith was fascinated by the work being done by the EMTs and paramedics.  Her brother-in-law had graduated from the Paramedic Program at Massasoit and introduced Faith to Scott Meagher, director of the Paramedic Program.  Faith enrolled in the EMT Basic Certificate program as a jumping-off point for a career in the medical field.  She excelled in the classroom and was identified as a stand out by instructor, Nastassia Swanson.

Faith will take the EMT national exam in July 2019, when she turns 18.  She intends on enrolling in the Paramedic Program at Massasoit in the fall 2019 semester.  From there, she will have a number of options.  She could work as a paramedic or perhaps a fire fighter, or she may even enroll in Massasoit’s Nursing Program or another health care certificate program.  Regardless, emergency medicine is her end goal.  Faith encourages others to consider the EMT Basic Certificate program as a starting point for their career in health care.  “Choosing Massasoit and this program to start my education as an EMT was one of the best decisions I ever made.”