Dashawn Butner

Although he already earned a Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management, Dashawn Butner’s hunger for knowledge led him to register for the Human Resources Certificate program at Massasoit Community College.  Through this program, Dashawn saw an opportunity to expand his knowledge and talent in human resources and also build upon his network in the field.

One topic in particular made a significant impact on Dashawn – onboarding staff.  This practice is more of an art than a science and something many organizations do not prioritize.  Dashawn explains: “Hiring an employee is very costly.  Onboarding is crucial.  If done properly, onboarding can get a new hire acclimated into their new role successfully.”  Dashawn has taken this knowledge and immediately implemented it into his career.  After graduating from the Human Resources Certificate Program in December 2018, he was hired to work in the Human Resources Department at Wellesley College in April 2019.  Among his responsibilities are coordinating onboarding initiatives and getting new employees acclimated in the Wellesley society.

The Human Resources Certificate Program also helped Dashawn expand his network.  Instructor Darlene Woo guided Dashawn in preparing to become certified as a Professional in Human Resources through the Society for Human Resources Management.  To future Human Resources Certificate students, Dashawn advises: “Get to know the students around you, but also get to know the instructors.  They can provide you with the resources that you would never know about without taking this course.”