Reporting Procedure for Non-Compliance with Proper Animal Care and Use Protocols

The Veterinary Technology Program at Massasoit Community College is committed to the humane care and use of all animals participating in its instructional plans. Regulations in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act and the United States Department of Agriculture are strictly adhered to. All animal care and use protocols are reviewed and approved by Massasoit’s Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC).

If any individual is aware of potential violations of the existing animal care and use regulations or observes misuse or mistreatment of animals, they are strongly encouraged to report their concerns.

It is best if concerns are expressed at the immediate level. Concerns must also be brought to the attention of the Veterinary Technology Program Coordinator or the Program’s IACUC, along with a completed Veterinary Technology Program Animal Welfare Concern Report.

The Veterinary Technology Program does not tolerate retaliation or harassment toward any individuals who report concerns regarding violations and will be diligent in efforts to protect the positions and reputations of those persons who, in good faith, make allegations of animal welfare violations.

The IACUC will review all allegations. The committee may designate an investigative sub- committee to investigate allegations and report any findings back to the IACUC. Investigations will be conducted carefully and discreetly. All efforts will be made in keeping concerns confidential.