College Closure Policy and Safeguarding Student Records

In the event of institutional closure, Massasoit will, at a minimum, observe the procedures stated in the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE) document entitled, “Considerations When Closing an Institution of Higher Education”, as well as the closure guidelines of the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education for Independent schools, including the identification of a back-up or other entity to safeguard student records in such a case.Information for students and potential students about obtaining records from closed institutions can be found on the websites of the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education and NECHE.

In the event that Massasoit decides to discontinue a program before all enrolled students have completed their program of study, the college will implement a teach-out plan in accordance with the requirements of its accreditor, NECHE.

Disaster Recovery Plan and ITS Backup Procedures

Massasoit Community College has a current disaster recovery plan and backup procedures on file. Please direct all inquiries concerning this to William Morrison, Chief Information Officer,