Sota Phongsavanh

After working in the health care field for several years, Sota Phongsavanh knew she was in an industry that she belonged, but didn’t feel as if she had found her niche.  She conducted an internet search and discovered Massasoit Community College’s Ophthalmic Assistant certificate program.  One of her frustrations in past health care roles was not having the opportunity to learn more about processes and procedures.  Through the Ophthalmic Assistant program Sota received the clinical and practical knowledge she had been craving.

Sota excelled as a student and by the time she completed the program had come to the conclusion that a career in ophthalmology was where she belonged.  She credits the hands-on approach in which the course is taught as one of the highlights of her experience.  Through a lead from Ophthalmic Assistant instructor, Jane Shuman, Sota interviewed for an Ophthalmic Technician position at Dedham Ophthalmic and Surgeon.  She was hired in February 2018 and is very happy in her new career.

The experience in the Ophthalmic Assistant program changed Sota’s life.  It led her to a job that she loves in a field that offers much room for advancement.  In the future she hopes to take the Certified Ophthalmic Assistant and Certified Ophthalmic Technician exams and possibly teach in the ophthalmology field.  Sota couldn’t believe how quickly she was able to find a job with the experience gained through the Ophthalmic Assistant program.  She is so happy about it, she has already referred a friend to the program.