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The department has developed a set of course outcomes to help students understand the intent of the course and the reason for various course activities and assessments (tests, papers, lab reports, etc.) These outcomes were accepted by a vote of the department. It will be helpful to consult these outcomes as you prepare for the test.

Scientific Method/Science
Describe the general steps of the scientific method and use these steps in solving problems, in order to understand how scientists think, distinguish between pseudoscience and real science, and evaluate scientific information in the popular press.

Explain why evolution is the central theme in biology so that students can understand the unity and diversity of life

Demonstrate knowledge of basic chemistry including the properties of atoms, ions, chemical bonding and chemical reactions to understand biologically important molecules and processes.
Describe the role of biologically important molecules in order to understand the correlation between cell structure and function.

Cell Structure
Distinguish between eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells, and identify and describe the structure and function of plant and animal cells and their organelles, in order to appreciate the unity and diversity of living things.
Describe the structure of the plasma membrane and relate it to its functions in diffusion, transport, metabolism, and cell to cell interaction.

Explain the principles of cellular respiration and photosynthesis so that the students understand energy flow in living systems.

Compare and contrast mitosis and meiosis in order to understand the process of growth, reproduction and the importance of sexual reproduction to the evolution of the species.

Demonstrate understanding of basic concepts in inheritance in order to solve simple genetic problems and recognize common misconceptions regarding human heredity.
Describe the structure and replication of DNA and its role in protein synthesis in order to understand the chemical basis of genetics and the use of DNA in genetic engineering and biotechnology.

Laboratory Skills
To work safely in the laboratory and follow simple laboratory protocols in order to work cooperatively to complete laboratory exercises and conduct experiments using the scientific method.
To be able to use the microscope to observe cell structure and function in order to develop good technique in preparation for more advanced courses.
To be able to perform simple mathematical calculations and construct and interpret graphs in order to record and communicate the results of experiments.

Study Skills
To apply a study skills method to learning biology in order to improve success in an academically rigorous course.
Strengthen Core Competencies in order to increase success in college courses and other courses in the workplace