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Upon graduating with an Associate of Science Degree in Biology students will be prepared to transfer as juniors into Biology Bachelor of Science degree programs, including those accessed through the  MassTransfer Program, by satisfactory achievement of the following outcomes.

  • Synthesize core knowledge from first-year and sophomore college mathematics and natural science courses, as well as other Core Curriculum courses in order to:
    • comprehend descriptions and diagrams of complex biological processes,
    • link form and function to evolution,
    • objectively observe and accurately describe natural phenomena, and
    • ask and begin to answer meaningful questions at any level of biology.
  • Think and perform like a beginning scientist by:
    • critically analyzing and evaluating published scientific information,
    • applying the scientific method as a tool for discovery,
    • becoming proficient in essential laboratory skills,
    • applying quantitative reasoning to present and interpret summarized data,
    • effectively communicating ideas and arguments orally and in writing, and by
    • synthesizing information from a variety of sources to reach logical conclusions.
  • Continue developing as a functional independent student and informed citizen who can:
    • effectively collaborate in a team,
    • think critically and creatively to solve problems, 
    • recognize the advantages of diverse opinions, approaches, perspectives, and backgrounds to advancing scientific knowledge, 
    • self-assess learning and academic progress and adjust when needed, and 
    • translate excitement and curiosity for biological topics into fulfilling self-motivated learning