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The Associate of Science Degree Program in Business Administration-Careers Degree will:

  • provide students with a challenging program of study, which will supply them with the knowledge and skills necessary to meet the demands and challenges of a complex and competitive world.
  • develop competency in relevant and marketable business skills that include communications, quantitative analysis, critical thinking, interpersonal skills, research and decision-making skills.
  • provide students with a comprehensive overview of business in order to select a career option in accounting, supervisory management, marketing, hospitality management, or general business.
  • introduce students to business careers through a variety of learning experience such as case analysis, simulations, community service, cooperative learning, and internships.
  • enable students to acquire a working knowledge of new technologies available in the information-based economy of the 21st century, and to develop an understanding and appreciation of the role that technology can play in enhancing business operations.
  • provide instruction using current practices and methodologies maximizing the resources and equipment available to the Business Administration Department and the College.
  • foster an attitude of self-improvement, responsibility and professionalism in the graduate and to nurture life-long learning as a core value.