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Global Awareness

  • Develop an understanding of the relationships between the self and both local and global communities. Recognize how ideas, events, and actions in one location have consequences in areas across the world.
    How are we all connected? Who am I? What is/will be my role locally and globally?

Perspective Taking

  • Recognize ways in which one’s own perspectives and beliefs have been shaped, as well as acknowledge and respect a diversity of cultural, political, social and economic perspectives beyond one’s own.
    What are my beliefs? How did I get them? What do people in other cultures believe? What are commonalities and differences among world cultures?

Global and Local Engagement

  • Recognize complex power structures and inequities among cultures, regions, nations, and societies. Engage in socially responsible problem solving in global and local contexts.
    What are forces that bring us together and that drive us apart? What are aspects of global here in my local community? Can I communicate effectively in cross-cultural environments? What can I do to address global problems responsibly?